Return Policy

We do not accept unopened returns. If you need to return a product that has not been open or tampered with please email us and we'll be glad to help. 

We will replace items if they are delivered defective or damaged. If you have questions directly related to defective product, please send an email to or call 800-301-5769

How is Clone Pillow different from all other body pillows? 

There is no body pillow on the market like the Clone. Its contoured design orthopedically supports your unique body shape. Our polyester/ bamboo fabric mixed with our shredded memory foam fill make it so soft and comfortable and extremely supportive at the same time. Our cooling gel panels that span the entire length of the pillow make it the coolest body pillow you can find! No more over heating at night! 

Is the Clone Pillow good for women who are pregnant?

The Clone Pillow is an amazing maternity pillow as it supports your entire body, aligning your hips, back and spine to relieve pressure from your growing belly. 

How much does the Clone Pillow weigh?

The Clone Pillow weighs approximately 6.5lbs. The cooling gel covers are heavier than our other two covers (bamboo and cooler). If you’re wanting it to be lighter opt for bamboo or cooler cover. 

Will the Clone Pillow go flat? 

The Clone Pillow will not go flat, it was engineered to have a certain amount of filling to be able to support any body type. The shredded memory foam is made to last so that you'll never wake up with a flat pillow! 

We recommend you fluff Clone by hand every morning to help maintain its shape. 

What is Clone Pillow filled with? 

Clone Pillow is filled with a premium-grade shredded memory foam fill, to be able to conform and support where needed.

When will my order ship?

Orders ship within 3-7 days depending on carrier times.